The Green Branch provide a full range of services to suit both commercial and private requirements. All work is fully insured and performed to the highest standards. Full details of all our services are described below.


Tree Felling

Taking down a tree in its entirety. Trees can be felled in various ways. From the base of the tree with or without the aid of a pulling rope or winch, Wedges and felling bar, or in sections, felled by the use of a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform). or the climber who can climb the tree and dismantle It in small sections with or without the aid of rigging to lower the wood in a Controlled manor usually used over obstacles like green houses, sheds etc.



Crown Reduction

This is carried out to a percentage, i.e. 15-25% crown reductions. This is not Necessary a percentage of the whole tree but a percentage of the crown only, not Including the stem, it reduces the height and spread of the trees crown to form A compact crown.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be left and not cause any problems, they can make a feature in your garden. When a tree is felled to extend a drive or path then the stump needs to be removed completely. It can be grind out to below ground level which then enables the new surface (new patio/footpath, lawn) to be laid over this.




Tree Reports and Advice

We offer tree surveys and reports as well as subsidence and mortgage reports regarding trees.


Pests and disease

We can identify what is affecting the health of your tree and offer advice and services to rectify the problem.





Crown Thin

This also carries a percentage i.e. 10-20% crown thin. The percentage is how much the crown is thinned by and does not have much if any effect on the trees height & Spread. It makes the canopy of the tree less dense allowing more light & air to Penetrate.


Crown Clean

To remove any crossing branches dead wood & anything else attached to the tree (steel, cable, rope etc).

Crown Lift

This is often followed by a measurement, i.e. crown lift 2,3,4m above ground level. This is the amount cleared when pruned. 




Windblown Clearance

The clearance of trees, branches already fallen which must be removed due to Health & Safety reasons.

Ground Clearance

This would be to completely clear an area of land for a developer or to tidy up a residential garden of unwanted vegetation. All unwanted arisings can be disposed of.





We recycle as much of the timber and brushwood as possible in the form of logs, Chippings & mulch.






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